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How it Works

Whether you drive a Toyota, Honda, Ford, Hyundai or other
make, selling your car to Preferred Auto Advantage is easy! Because the used
car market is at an all-time high, we're in desperate need of used cars.
Regardless of the condition of your car, we will make you a cash offer on the
spot, regardless of whether you're looking to get into another vehicle or just
sell us your current car!   

Upon arrival for your appraisal appointment, our Used Car
Director will personally appraise your vehicle, and carefully assess its
condition both inside and out. The appraisal process takes about 20-30 minutes,
and afterward we'll give you a free written appraisal offer for your vehicle.
Our process helps guarantee that our customers will get the highest possible
cash offer!


How to Set your Appraisal Appointment

Fill out the form on the right OR               

Contact our Sales Team at (877) 703-5883


What to Bring With You

If you plan to sell your car to Preferred Auto Advantage, there are
several things you will need to bring with you, including:           

-Your drivers license   

-The vehicle's title (if car is paid off)

-All keys for the car

Call our Sales Team
Today at 877-703-5883 to schedule your appraisal!



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